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We’re always keen to welcome guests at our shop in the heart of the Riebeek Valley and make hungry tummies happy!

Take home a dozen or two of our wholesome eggs and chickens pieces or stock up on gourmet jams, fresh farm bread, irresistible milktart or our famous chicken pies.

Now also serving steaming coffee!

Suzanne Smit, aka the Country Chic

Join our coup!

Nestled on our farm in the glorious Riebeek Valley I hand-rear a flock of happy chickens, producing delicious and truly free-range chicken products.

It all started with a box with a hen and her adorable little babies and grown to a little shop I can call my own in the heart of Riebeek Kasteel. All of my chickens are free to roam around the farm all day, eating everything they find from bugs to seeds and grass. They get absolutely no hormones or antibiotics. It is genuine free-range eggs.

No one chick pony

Come enjoy a variety of chicken and padstal-style products, sourced from the local community. New products are added regularly, come and explore!

Chicken Products

  • Whole chicken R75/kg
  • Whole chicken - deboned R120/kg
  • Fillets R95/kg
  • 500g chicken mince R65
  • Deboned thighs R110/kg
  • Drumsticks R80/kg
  • Wings R80/kg
  • Legs & Thighs R85/kg
  • Legs quarters R85/kg
  • Thighs R85/kg
  • Big/Small braai pack R85/kg
  • 1kg Large chicken pie R145
  • Baked small chicken pie R50
  • Unbaked small chicken pie R45
  • 1kg Livers R60
  • Liver paté R55
  • Tray of 30 mix size eggs R130

    Choose your own amount: R3 small R4 medium R5 large, xl, jumbo

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Our newest sweet sensation!

We are READY to SCOOP ANYWHERE you need us! Country Scoop Gelato is available ON THE GO! Apart from serving our delectable Gelato in-store, we are also available to travel, set up stall and offer some sweet indulgement and some light entertainment 😉

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Growing up and now living on a farm I love walking barefoot and breathing in the fresh air…but I always dreamed of having my own farm business…and then this happened… 

A few years ago… (2018)

One day my husband went to a farm nearby to go and look at a tractor. Upon his arrival he saw this hen with her babies walking around and asked who’s hen it is. It belonged to one of the farm workers and he made an offer to buy and the deal was done. When he got home he called me to come and look at my present. I was so surprised when I opened the box and saw the mommy hen with her adorable little babies.

A few days later I drove past someone’s house near Gouda and saw she had plenty of chickens, all different shapes and sizes. I stopped and asked if I can buy some of her chickens and she agreed. I drove back home and told my husband to fetch all our workers and go to the lady’s house so that we can catch my chickens, but picture this…all of us chasing the chickens in an open yard, it was so funny.

The plot chickens…

So with 15 new proper farmyard hens and one rooster it all started. Oh and don’t forget my mommy hen with her babies.

At first I went to town with 6, 9 and 12 eggs in a little basket…then 21.

Then I needed more baskets and needed to start writing down the orders. Soon after I ordered my first 25 Lohman hens, I was so happy. Soon after that the baskets wasn’t enough and I asked for empty egg trays, my business was actually becoming a reality. More orders for Lohman hens followed.

There is so much goodness in an free range farm egg and I would love to take your order and share that wholesome natural goodness with you.

Farm greetings

I just love my chickens, whenever I go take out eggs they run towards me and follow me around wherever I go, so adorable. Eggs are taken out everyday and delivered the same day or the next day, so they are all very fresh. I have my own shop in Riebeek Kasteel and we receive fresh products daily.

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“The chickens supplied by Country Chic are the tastiest that I have eaten in 45 years.”

– Greig –

“The Country Chic se vars produkte is altyd ‘n lekker bederf!”

– Elzaan –

“I went to The Country Chic with one goal… to buy chicken pie. We had it for dinner last night, it was absolutely fantastic!”

– Karin –

“The milk tart is the best ever. Old fashioned real milk tart!”

– Henriette –

Coolest chicks in town

Suzanne Smit had an insightful chat with Martelize Brink on RSG on 17 August 2023 about free-range chickens and also some background about her inspiring story.

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Featured in Poultry Bulletin, February/March 2023 edition.

Featured in Weg! Platteland, May 2023 edition.

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Featured on the cover of Landbou Weekblad on 5 January 2023.

Featured in Landbou Weekblad on 4 March 2022.

“Skoenboks vol kuikens lei tot eie winkel”

Farm to Plate Member

I am so grateful to be part of the Farm to Plate family!

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